2016 CHRR

Top Fuel Round 1 and Funny Car Round 2




Top Fuel elimination kicked off Sunday morning after the pre-race ceremonies. First pair out was #3 Bill Dunlap and #6 Dusty Green.





Green got a big starting line advantage, but was off the throttle before the 60' block.







Dunlap had really good early numbers.











Dunlap stopped the clocks with a 5.721 at 249.49 to move on.









Next pair featured Rick Williamson and Adam Sorokin.






Sorokin left first as Williamson smoked the tires at the hit.




By the tree Sorokin was also experiencing tire smoke.





Sorokin recovered, Williamson was done.



Williamson tried to recover but got loose sending him dangerously close to the wall.







It wasn't pretty but Sorokin took the win with a 6.287 at 233.44.






Pair three matched up #8 Bret Williamson and #1 Tony Bartone.







Bartone got a four hundreds jump and never looked back.











Bartone and his 1000' tune up stunned the troops again with a 5.582 at 249.12.










The final pair was #2 Jim Murphy and #7 Rick McGee.





Neither had a sterling RT but they did leave together.














It was all Murphy and his 5.629 at 254.57 earned him a date with Bill Dunlap in the semis.











Funny Car Round Two


With the herd cut in half, round two was led off by Jason Rupert and John Weaver.





Rupert nailed Weaver to the tree (0.046 to 0.177) and was GONE.









Rupert stuns the house with a 5.579 at 258.17. Weaver coasted through with a 6.500 at 153.04.






The second pair matched up Cory Lee and Kris Krabill.







Krabill was out first leaving Lee to play catch up.










Krabill cards a 5.603 at 256.60, his quickest run of the race and second only to Rupert. Lee's 5.662 at 258.81 was also his quickest run of the weekend but it came up short. Krabill's MOV: 0.0940 seconds (approximately 36 feet).







Pair three featured Steve Densham and Ryan Hodgson.






Densham left first by a bunch leaving Hodgson the task of reeling him in.









Hodgson needed a big number to catch Densham and he got it. His 5.620 at 258.67 caught Steve's 5.738 at 245.63.









The final pair to see who would fill out the semi-finals ladder was Rick Rogers and Tim Nemeth.



At the green Rogers left Nemeth in a different zip code (0.038 to 0.139) and it was pretty much over.








On top of a great leave, Rogers made his best run of the weekend a 5.782 at 248.07. Nemeth's day was over with a 5.956 at 243.37.












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