2016 CHRR

Top Fuel Session 3 and Funny Car Round 1




The final session was Saturday afternoon led off by Rick McGee and Phil Ruskowski. We apologize for no bottom end shots of Phil.








McGee ended up #4 with a 5.807 234.70 while Ruskowski would land in #14, a DNQ.











Out for their last shot were Terry Cox and Bret Williamson.







Cox was once again up in smoke by the tree. Talking to team member Bob Barry, it was all in the clutch and he promised they'd have a new unit in the car in March.








Williamson moved into the #8 hole with a 5.831 at 252.99. Fuller's car is now showing some stronger numbers and more consistency. Nice job.






Second pair featured Bill Dunlap and Pete Kaiser.






Kaiser was done early but not so Dunlap.














The first full pass on the car was a great 5.652 at 250.51 landing Dunlap in the #3 spot.













Two cars not in the show were out next, Brendan Murry and Tyler Hilton.












Murry had a decent run going until he had handling problems and did a nice job of saving the car.






Neither car improved and were off to the box for a trip home.







Up next was Rick Williamson and John Rasmussen















Williamson improved with a solid 5.729 at 238.05 which put him #5 while Rasmussen's 6.01 at 196.76 did not improve his #11 spot.









The final pair of the final session was Jim Murphy and Adam Sorokin.
















Sorokin was on a great pass until here. After the fire on Friday, Adam clicked it when he saw a flash out of the right bank.










Murphy had no issues at all carding a 5.63 at 254.23 which was a tick slower than his previous 5.626 at 264.18 (top speed of the meet) and ended #2. Sorokin slowed to a 5.94 at 189. His earlier 5.685 ended #4.






Final Order

1. Tony Bartone 5.574 239.06
2. Jim Murphy 5.626 264.18
3. Bill Dunlap 5.652 250.51
4. Adam Sorokin 5.685 220.26
5. Rick Williamson 5.729 238.05
6. Dusty Green 5.734 250.18
7. Rick McGee 5.807 234.70
8. Bret Williamson 5.831 252.99

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9. Pete Kaiser 5.848 221.56
10. Terry Cox 5.943 244.47 244.47
11. John Rasmussen 6.097 217.32
12. Tyler Hilton 6.201 195.05 218.44
13. Phil Ruskowski 6.700 196.50
14. Brendan Murry 7.050 110.36
15. Dan Horan 7.420 136.15




Funny Car Round One - Saturday


First pair out was the #1 qualifier Jason Rupert and James Day who was #16.





Rupert got a slight jump on the tree and never looked back.











Rupert stopped the clocks with another great pass, his 5.630 at 257.04 was more than enough to handle Day's 5.991 at 237.42.









Pair two pitted #3 Kris Krabill and #14 Danny Gerber.





Krabill left first and Gerber never got into the game.










Gerber clicked it early while Krabill took the win with a nice 5.664 at 248.16.







Out next was a black on black deal, #2 Ryan Hodgson and # 15 Richard Townsend.





Neither car had a sterling light, but it was Townsend with a slight jump.










Hodgson moved on to round two with a nice 5.655 at 257.19 while Townsend trailed with a 5.934 at 233.72.








Next out was #4 Marc White and #13 Rick Rogers.





Rogers got a 3/100 jump on the lights.














While Rogers was taking the upset win with a 5.896 at 240.25 White was riding out his 5.992 240.12 on fire.














After a short clean up it was Dan Horan Jr. vs Tim Nemeth.





Two more reaction times starting with a one. IHis RT didn't matter for Horan who went dead at the hit.





Nemeth had to pedal early but went on to take the easy win with a 6.120 at 241.45.









Hoping for better results than the previous pair, out of the #10 hole Time Boychuck met #7 Steve Densham.





Boychuck drilled Densham on the tree.







Boychuck went into tire shake before the tree and did a nice job of slapping the throttle to recover.





The win went to Densham with a 5.693 at 249.21. Boychuck's 5.989 at 234.17 fell short but hey, he didn't give up.










Moving on, the next to last pair pitted Bazz Young and Cory Lee.





Neither driver was on the lights but Lee did get a two hundreds jump.



















The final pair to see who would fill out Sundays ladder were Richard Hartman and John Weaver.





Another pair mediocre RT's but bad as they were Weaver was two hundreds quicker off the line and he would need every bit of it on the other end.








In the closest race of the round, Weaver took the holeshot win with a 5.736 at 254.33 to Hartman's quicker 5.725 at 259.16 .

Weaver's MOV: 0.0100 seconds (approximately 4 feet).







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