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Funny Car Qualifying Session Three


The final session was Saturday midday and it was led off by Rick Rogers and Kris Krabill.

















Krabill jumped up to the #2 spot with a great 5.640 at 249.26 while Rogers carded a 5.856 at 241.89 to end up in the #13 hole.







Pair two pitted Jason Rupert and Matt Bynum.











Rupert laid down another great number to stay #1. His 5.605 at 256.94 would stand for low ET of the meet to this point. Bynum's 5.89 at 246.80 failed to make the 16 car show.






The next pair setting their sights on improving were Dan Horan Jr. and Mike Halstead,








Halstead smoked the tires at the hit and stayed on the DNQ list.







Horan moved up to the #5 hole with a 5.696 at 255.82.







Up next was Cory Lee and John Weaver












Lee's 5.73 at 254.14 didn't improve on his earlier 5.70 which would end up #6 while Weaver moved up to #8 with a 5.742 at 252.76.








Next out was John Hale and Nathan Sitko.














Sitko improved with a 5.96 at 240.13 but didn't make the cut. After carrying the front end for some distance Hale's car struck the tires and that was that. His 5.981 from Friday was also not good enough to come back for E1.





Up next the fans saw Rich Townsend and Alex Miladinovich who failed to smoke the tires in his burnout.

















Out next was Ryan Hodgson and Paul Romine.














Hodgson went all the way to #2 with a 5.611 at 261.42.


The scoreboard read 5.76 at 243.63 which should have put him in the show but for the third time the run was disallowed.







Next out was Tim Boychuck and Marcus Lawson.













Lawson improved but his 6.458 at 218.55 fell far short of making the show.



Boychuck had problems and shut off early but his previous 5.764 was good for the #8 spot.





Back for their last shot were two cars on the outside looking in; Chris Davis and Mark Sanders.













Sanders who is normally a player fell short for the third time with a 5.88 at 239. Lawson was in the same boat, his 5.92 at 208 ended being #24.







Next pair was in the show and just trying to improve their positions. Richard Hartman and Tim Nemeth













Hartman did improve with a 5.746 at 255.77 which was good for the #9 spot. Nemeth's 5.84 did not improve on his previous 5.83.







Two cars trying to break into the field were Bill Windham and Geoff Monise.









Windham went up in tire smoke at the hit.






Monise carded a 5.97 at 239.31 which fell far short. Windham coasted through ending in the #32 basement.








Next out was Don Hudson and Danny Gerber who were both trying to break into the show.













Gerber improved with his 5.868 at 231.64 while Hudson carded a 5.90 at 247 which did not improve on his earlier 5.882 just missed the show; #17. Gerber went into the #14 spot.







The last pair was James Day and Mendy Fry.













Fry's 6.01 at 236 did not come close and Day's 6.17 at 231 did not improve on his earlier 5.875 which hung on for the #16 spot.






The session wrapped up with two singles starting with Mike Halstead.







Halstead stopped the clocks with a 5.92 at 218 which didn't better his Q2 5.897.






Finally it was Steve Densham who could not stop from his burnout but was already in the #7 spot with a 5.740.







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