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Top Fuel Qualifying Session Two


Nitro Saturday opened up with the second session of Top Fuel qualifying pairing Bill Dunlap and Pete Kaiser.


























On only the second run in the new car Dunlap carded a solid 5.72 at only 223.02. Kaiser improved with a 5.848 at 221.56.






Second pair was Bret Williamson and Tony Bartone.

















Bartone served notice that he was here to win going to the top with a 5.574 at 239.06. Williamson improved with a 5.93 at 234.86.









Up next it was Rick McGee and Phil Ruskowski.








McGee had problems and clicked it early to a 6.57 at 152.07 while Ruskowski coasted through with a 6.700 at 196.50.







Next pair through the water box was Terry Cox and Rick Williamson.











The Cox car continued to be plagued with clutch problems.








Williamson had piston issues and shut off to a 5.92 at 157.42.










Next up was Jim Murphy and Tyler Hilton.



















Murphy's 5.67 at 231.28 did not improve on his earlier 5.626 at 264.18. If you judge by the speed on this pass Murphy didn't have a full pull, data showed it probably would have run a 5.58 or .59.

Hilton carded a 6.66 and 212 which didn't improve his previous 6.20.









Next pair featured Brendan Murry and Adam Sorokin.













Sorokin carried the front end about 100' then legged to the lights where things got even more interesting.







Going into the lights the engine lit up, big time. This would be one of the longest fires ever in a NTF car.

















The fire didn't go completely out untiil the safety crew quickly arrived on the scene to finish it off. Adam was fine but the car suffered serious burns on the cowl and windscreen. The whole mess was not a quick fix. The only good news was that they had a 5.779 at 220.26 and were solidly in the show.








Following a short clean up John Rasmussen and Dusty Green did their burnouts.















Just as he pulled the chutes Green had one of the worst oil downs in recent memory. He was literally driving blind at 250. Green did a masterful job of staying calm and keeping the car going straight until he could wipe his visor enough to get his bearings.













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