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Top Fuel Qualifying Session One

After confusion in the schedule, a weekend long problem,
the first session for the TF cars went off on Friday afternoon.


The first pair of the long cars to hit the perfectly prepped track was Adam Sorokin in the Champion Speed Shop entry, and Pete Kaiser in the "Circuit Breaker".






















The clocks came up with a 5.779 at 225.00 for Sorokin and a 6.422 at 137.05 for Kaiser.










Pair two featured Jim Murphy who was a contender in a 3 way points race,and Rick McGee in the Tedford & McGee "Overtime Special" from near by Exeter.


Murphy has been experimenting with injector scoops... function over form. He would end up running with no scoop at all.

















Murphy served notice that he and Roland were here to play hard ball carding a stout 5.626 at a whopping 264.18. McGee banged the blower before the lights still ran a respectful 5.807 at 234.70.





On Friday hundreds of racers wore Geno & Harley "No Respect" t-shirts protesting his unceremonious dismissal from a job he does better than anyone, especially those who tried to replace him. Thankfully he will be back for the March Meet because the Bowser's do respect him.




Pair three featured Bret Williamson in Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" and Tony Bartone in the Bartone Bros. 2015 championship car.



















Bartone slid into the #2 spot behind Murphy with a 5.642 at 232.71. Williamson slowed to a 6.040 at 237.25.







Next out was the debut of the new Brad Hadman built High Speed Motorsports car with Bill Dunlap in the seat. This car replaces the car involved in an incident during the March Meet and boy, is it trick. Lighter, sleeker and before the weekend was over, faster. Hadman incorporated some of his Big Show TF car features including the wind screen.

In the other lane was the 2016 March Meet winner, Rick Williamson in the Craig Racing fueler.




















This maiden voyage was a planned 900' shut off for Dunlap. The car did everything it was suppose to do running a 6.009 at just 189.23. The cars behavior and data told owner Tom Shelar that this was going to be a fun weekend.


A time of Rick Williamson 5.86 at 225.03 came up on the board but for reasons unbeknownst to me was disallowed.








Next pair was Brendan Murry in his Running Wild and Terry Cox in the "Cheetah IV" - the only two late model hemi cars in the field.
















Cox carded a 5.943 at 244.47, while Murry continued to have problems making a full pull, he shut off to a 7.144 at 132.57.












Next to last pair for session one was Phil Ruskowski who made the trip down from Victoria BC, Canada to test his small block Chevy car with the big boys.

Another Famoso first timer was Tyler Hilton from Sharonville, OH in his "Great Expectations" tribute car. It sports the same paint scheme as his grandparents, Jim & Alison Lee used in the 60's on their TF cars.












Neither car made solid runs with Hilton at 6.201 at 195.05. Ruskowski was done very early and coasted through.









The last pair marked the return to Top Fuel by John Rasmussen in the ex-Raisin Express of Denver Schutz. In the other lane was Dusty Green in the "Nitro Hemi" fueler from Colorado.



Rasmussen got away clean while Green went into tire smoke before the tree.





To add insult to injury, the blower belt broke.







Rasmussen made a 7.248 at 137.50 shake down run while Green finally coasted through looking forward to session two.






Last to give it a shot was Dan Horan Jr. in his fathers car.

*On a sad note, Dan Horan Sr. passed away just a month later - 11/26













Horan clicked it way early to a 7.420 at 136.15.



Friday Qualifying Order

1. Jim Murphy, Santa Rosa CA, '13 Neil & Parks 5.626 264.18
2. Tony Bartone, Long Island City NY, '16 McKinney 5.642 232.71
3. Adam Sorokin, Glendale CA, '04 Sterling 5.779 225.00
4. Rick McGee, Exeter CA, '10 Uyehara 5.807 234.70
5. Terry Cox, Clarkburg CA, '06 Uyehara 5.943 244.47
6. Bill Dunlap, Capitola CA, '03 Stirling 6.009 189.23
7. Bret Williamson, Gilroy CA, '00 Uyehara 6.040 237.25
8. Tyler Hilton, Sharonville OH, '12 Horton 6.201 195.05

------------ Not Qualified ------------

9. Pete Kaiser, Merced CA, '00 Stirling 6.422 137.05
10. Brendan Murry, San Jose CA, '10 Rooman 7.144 132.57
11. John Rasmussen, CO, 7.248 137.50
12. Dan Horan, Sylmar CA, '09 Dragster 7.420 136.15
13. Dusty Green, Pleasant Hill CA, '04 Neil & Parks22.406 44.50
14. Phil Ruskowski, Victoria BC, '11 McKinney 28.000 173.81
15. Rick Williamson, Stockton CA, '12 Davidson - DQ




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