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Here are random shots of class cars taken over the weekend. I put names with the cars that had an ID.


Starting with some AA/FA shots here is Ron Hope in the Rat Trap.



Shawn Callen in High Heaven



Jeremy Sullivan


Brett Henry in the Iron Mistress



Kyle Hough in Nanook




Rodney Flournoy in Godzilla




Brian Hope in Pure Hell, Chris Bennett in Pure Heaven





Joe Morrison in Ted Brine's 134 Coupe







Jason Richey in his new Patriot.


















Kurt Cruise in Bad News















Mike Boyd is always a hit in the Winged Express



























Kin Bates A/F



Drew Austin A/F



Randy Winkle NE1


Troy Moyle



Bob Vacca









Rick Brophy NE-1


Chris Beanes A/G


Tom Huggins A/G


Jim Data A/G


Gabe Wood A/G










Tera Graves 7.0 Pro




Eily Stafford 7.0 Pro



Mike Chrisman 7.0 Pro



Ronnie Lennon 7.0 Pro


Don Enriquez Jr. Fuel



Wayne Ramay Jr. Fuel



John Harless A/F



Jerry Kumre A/F














Ron Huegli 7.0 Pro


























Mike Molea AA/GS


Gary Reinero AA/GS

















The "Jungle Jim" burnoout award went to Ron Huegli in his Tiki Warrior 7.0 Pro flopper.



































Jim Godec A/G





After its epic crash at the 2015 CHRR it was great to see Joe Morrison back inTed Brine’s 134 fuel coupe. The young lady is Cassandra Hicks from NC. She performed backup duties for several East coast racers over the weekend, including the 134.




My A/F pals from Tulsa, OK... Grand Prix Auto with John Harless in the seat. John ran a personal best of 6.23 at 222 in this Round 1 win over Bobby Cottrell.

Owner Jon Brooke is all smiles after a run with their Grand Prix Auto A fueler. Mrs. Harless is driving, with Howard (right rear) and one other crewman on the back as they depart for the top end to pick up John and the car. Good people, and they DO enjoy their racing.

Bob Brown







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Top Fuel Qualifying, Session 1

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Top Fuel Qualifying, Session 2

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Top Fuel Session 3 & Funny Car Round 1

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