September 07, 2013

Horan Jr. Owns Famoso
Wins Final Saturday Night Nitro & Series



The last of three Saturday Night Nitro events took place over the weekend of September 06-07 at Bakersfield's Auto Club Raceway. In addition to the fuel funny cars on the grounds, there were Outlaw ProMod, five Top Fuel cars testing for the upcoming California Hot Rod Reunion, Nostalgia Pro Comp and brackets. Add the jets on for icing and you had something for everybody.


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Friday was test and tune only, with the first cars hitting the track at 8 PM due to the heat (98 deg.). So, we start with the first cars.


Chris Bennett and the “Pure Heaven IV” gang got serious and it paid off. They broke the five second barrier for the first time and were runner-up in the final. But I'm getting ahead of myself.



Tim Krupa in his Pro Mod Corvette.


The evil looking Erratic Behavior Pro Mod Studebaker.


Chris Edwards


Jess Sturgeon was out for some T&T pre CHRR.


No ID, license run.


Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep.


Richard Townsend in the Nitroholic Camaro.



One of the Top Fuel teams that plans on making a statement the third weekend in October is the High Speed Motorsports fueler with Bill Dunlap in the seat. Tom Shelar and the gang were out testing new clutch set-ups among other things








Track Manager Blake Bowser and his go to guy Bill McNatt, aka G.O. (like Gee-Oh).


Bobby Cottrell 6.90 Nostalgia Pro Comp


One of the Top Fuel cars out testing for the upcoming California Hot Rod Reunion was Mike Fuller's "Forever Young" car with Ron August in the seat.




Rick White in the Neal & White entry out of San Diego. They too were out sharpening their horns for the CHRR.





Jim Murphy was out in his Holy Smokes fueler testing blowers prior to the CHRR where he plans to seal the deal for the 2013 NHRA Hot Rod Heritage Racing Series Top Fuel championship.






Dan Horan Jr. in his Ron Swearingen tuned Mustang.


Alex Miladinovich in the Hot 4 Teachers Mustang.


Bill Windham


Shane Harter in the slick Nitro Pirate Corvette.




Jess Sturgeon again, up in smoke.


Ed Dougan in Charlie O'Neill's Fighting Irish.


I present "Big Leon"



Dan Myers - Nitro-A-GoGo ProMod Camaro


Top Fuel shoe Rick McGee and Frank Ousley who came west to oversee the tune-up in Jim Murphy's car which, under the Crop Duster banner, won the March Meet when owned by Ousley and driven by Jim Young.


Bill Dunlap back for another shot.













And so ends Friday




Saturday the cars started running about 1 PM or so. The temperature peaked at 104 deg. at about 4 PM so it was a pretty toasty on the asphalt. It did become more tolerable after dark.


Devery Howard in the seat of the Bays & Rupert Camaro.






Richard Townsend in his Nitroholic Camaro.





Chris Bennett in the ever improving Pure Heaven IV.






Todd Paton in The Crusher making its first appearance at a SNN.



Dean Oberg in the Holy Toledo Jeep.



Dwayne Patton in the High Voltage Camaro.



Ed Dougan - made two runs but was unable to make the call for qualifying.





Dennis LaCharite in his Back in Black GTO.





James Day in Gary Turner's The Pedaler.




Shane Harter in the Nitro Pirate Corvette.



Horan came out and show the gang how the cow ate the cabbage by carding a strong 5.79 at 252.43.





Close as I can tell this car was out making license runs. No info on driver.






Ron August's ride found the super hot track not to their liking. Blazed the tires before the tree.












Rick Williamson was on hand in Mike and Kathy Craig's car testing for the CHRR.








Jim Murphy stayed the night for another shot on Saturday. New blower seemed to be just dandy. In spite of the heat Murphy carded some good early numbers.









Dunlap and the High Speed team were back and making strides.












Famoso PR guy, Rob Gibson having a senior moment.


John Bowser visiting the Famoso T-shirt booth. When you're at The Patch be sure to stop by this deal as they have some very cool shirts.




In a change of format there was a qualifying round where everybody ran (I call it R1) and the top 8 ET's go through to the next round (which I call R2). In R2, those 8 cars produced 4 races. If you won your race, your ET was compared to the other three winning ET's. Lowest of those 4 winning ET's won the overall event, in this case, Horan at 5.75. So you had to win your match, and then your ET would count among the final four. Got it?


Pre race included Donny Couch interviewing Rian Konno and Mike English giving some color commentary for the funny car parade for the cars that were able to make the call.



Shane Harter - Nitro Pirate - 1978 Corvette


Dean Oberg - Holy Toledo - 1968 Jeepster


Chris Bennett - Pure Heaven IV - 1969 Camaro


Alex Miladinovich - Hot 4 Teachers - 1969 Mustang


Todd Paton - The Crusher - 1969 Camaro


Geno and Harley - 2010 Golf Cart


Rian Konno - Kazanjian Lemon & Konno - 1973 Mustang



Dale Van Gundy - Quarter Pouder - 1970 Challenger


James Day - The Pedaler - 1978 Arrow


Richard Townsend - Nitrohalic - 1969 Camaro


Dan Horan Jr. - Mustang


First pair it was Harter over Oberg with a 6.117 at 229.98.





Pair two was Bennett and Miladinovich and with the win went to the Pure Heaven car with Bennett carding his first five - 5.976 at 239.19 landing him #3.







Then it was Godfrey v Patton with the High Voltage car moving on.






Konno and Paton paired up with both of them moving on with a 5.95 at 241.76 to a 6.146 at 209.46 respectively.





Van Gundy and Howard - Van Gundy went on with a 6.049 at 235.64 while the Bays & Rupert car shook the tires and shut off.






In spite of the DNQ Jason Rupert had his signature smile.



La Charite's performance woes continued while Day had his own problems with a 6.934 at just 142.21.




The final pair was Horan and Townsend with Jr. going #1 with a 5.80 at 252.43 while Richard shut off with a 6.427 at 148.69.





The quick eight:
Dan Horan - 5.80
Rian Konno - 5.95
Chris Bennett - 5.97
Dwayne Patton - 6.04
Dale Van Gundy - 6.04
Shane Harter - 6.11
Todd Paton - 6.14
Rich Townsend - 6.42

The first round took its toll on three of the top 8 cars. Van Gundy, Harter, and Townsend were benched so James Day, Alex Miladinovich, and Devery Howard came back on the break rule.


In this one Chris Bennett set another personal best with a 5.92 which would get him to the final. Day was right here with a 5.999 at 236.45.






Patton 6.340 at 185.31 and Townsend 6.344 at 201.70





Miladinovich singled with a 6.978 at 150.82.




Horan continued to break backs with a 5.75 at 247.66 - Howard shut off early.



Horan's time was low for the round thus making him the event winner.





Murphy, paired with Rick White, came back to take a shot at a cooler track.












Bill Dunlap and the High Speed car came out late for one more shot.





And what a shot it was. A 5.791 at 261.80 put a huge smile on everyones faces.











Rick White was the last TF car to hit the track at 1:30 AM and ripped off a 5.75 at 233.44.












Dan Myers won Pro Mod in his Nitro A GoGo!




Bobby Cottrell took the 6.90 Nostalgia Pro Comp trophy.




Dan Horan Jr, Ron Swearingen and the crew celebrate another win.







Nice NE1 car of Ken & Son.



Tim Krupa's wild Pro Mod Corvette.





The Witch Doctor AA/FA was out doing more testing.






Team Eagle Alcohol flopper




Jason Hedges sharp Pro-Stock Pontiac


















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